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December, 2012, Volume 3, Issue , Page 2

What LCC Bookstore Has To Offer

The Lamar Community College Campus Bookstore, “The Lope Shoppe” serves students and staff as well as the surrounding communities.   If you haven’t visited in a while, The Lope Shoppe sells a lot more than textbooks and educational support supplies.  Spirit wear is available throughout the year in a variety of styles including sport-specific tees as well as logo items (hats, hoodees, decals, and pennants).   More information is available at

Textbook needs and educational supplies remain a large part of our business.  In addition to carrying a large inventory of used textbooks, the Campus Bookstore has expanded to offer rental textbooks in selected titles. 

The bookstore offers many services to students, staff and the community which include:

  • Copy Services (color and black & white up to 11×17)
  • Lamination
  • Binding
  • Shrink wrap
  • Shipping and receiving

Convenience area with microwavable burritos, nachos, snacks, and many beverage selections.  Ask about our mug and punch card promotions.

  • A Clearance section is available

Monthly promotions have made “The Lope Shoppe” a place to stop frequently.  From August to April, The Lope Shoppe highlights programs and events, with fun activities and discounts on related merchandise.

Each fall semester we start off with a high energy promotion to get students excited about returning to college life.  We also incorporate our bulletin board with information about new and current staff.  Each student receives a momentum of the current promotion.   In addition we offer sales on new and existing items, as well as a drawing and savings coupons.

In October we host a Moonlight madness coordinating the dates with the Lamar Business.  This promotion has been very popular with sales, snacks and contests.

December marks the end of fall semester, with a buyback and winter sales.

The “Lope Shoppe” features titles and authors throughout the year, and has introduced several authors to our booksto

re for author talks and signings.  These dates will be posted. For example Tom Betz has graciously agreed to present in the bookstore on September10, 2012 at 6:30 pm.

In conclusion, the LCC Bookstore not only supports the college and its events, both academic and athletics, but also reaches out to our surrounding communities to support their events.

– Sheila Dieterle

Campus Bookstore Manager


Rocky Ford High School Paul Burt, Kevin Dobani, Seth Finnell, and their sponser Amanda Efifrd.

This year’s Knowledge Bowl was a huge success! Many school sponsors were pleased with the organization and team of volunteers this year. This is the first year that Deanna Siemsen has coordinated the event. It took months of planning to ensure that the event would run smoothly and that our visiting schools would have an enjoyable experience.

President John Marrin gave the welcoming speech to fourteen different schools from around the Southeastern area. Along with participating students, many of these schools also brought sponsors and parents.  At this all day event, students completed a written exam, and then competed in an oral exam.

Competition was fierce, but only three schools earned awards. President Marrin handed out the awards to the following schools: in first place Rocky Ford, second place Eads, and in third place McClave High School.  Rocky Ford received a $250.00 Merit Scholarship for each of their team members and the traveling Knowledge Bowl trophy to display in their school.

Many thanks goes out the LCC staff and faculty who helped by volunteering to run the scoreboards, read the questions, provide help with breakfast and lunch set up, or assisted with registration. Additionally our ladies softball team volunteered their time to run the timers, pick up score sheets, and help with clean up.

Below is a list of those who volunteered:

Kelly Emick                              Kristy Trowbridge                              Don Yoxsimer

Robert Vazquez                       Kelli Gaines                                         Michael Clark

Bill Elam                                    Brenda Brown                                    Amber Thompson

Kett Winsor                              Janet Gottschalk                                Ellen Lovell

Susan Carpenter                      Tom Sutherland                                 Maggie O’Neil

Linda Freiberger                      David Frankel                                    Heather Turner

Kay Sherwood                          Andrew Saueracker                           Jennifer Arguello

Berna Griego                            Deb Elam

*Huge thanks to all of our Softball Ladies!

– Kristy Trowbridge

Title III Administrative Assistant

President John Merrin awards Eads High School Brison crow, Alycia James, and Logan Smith.




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