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December, 2012, Volume 3, Issue , Page 4

Below is a schedule for all LCC Runnin’ Lopes home basketball games. Support the Runnin’ Lopes and watch some great basketball!

Ticket Prices
Adults – $5.00
Seniors 65 & Over – $3.00
Children* 5 – 13yrs. – $3.00
Children under 5 – FREE

*Children wearing junior booster shirts may enter free of charge!  

T-shirts: $5.00

Contact Sabino “Larry” Mata at 719.336.1678 or

Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball



Kristy Trowbridge, Title III Administrative Assistant

Lamar Community College’s Art, Craft, & Food Festival brings together various area crafters and artists every November. This is perfect timing, since Christmas is just around the corner. This year, there was a record sixty-seven booths. And despite the windy day, there was a great community turnout.

DJ Matt Mata kept the Christmas music going, which helped keep the atmosphere fun.  Every twenty minutes, door prizes were given away.

LCC Wellness Center Coordinator Larry Mata felt it went well. Mata thanked all those who helped at the fair this year, especially his work studies. He commented, “our work studies really stepped up to help vendors bring their merchandise in and take it out.” Mata also thanked Tom Sutherland, who assisted before and during the event, and the Physical Plant crew for their help with the mats.


IT Academy

Elizabeth Whitham, IT Academy Program Director

whithamLamar Community College has joined with Microsoft to offer the IT Academy Center for Excellence. Many of our existing information technology courses will be augmented with Microsoft web-based curriculum. LCC’s pilot program offers courses in Microsoft Office on campus this fall with additional online courses in the spring. Lamar Community College is responsible for coordinating the statewide rollout. I am excited to be working with the other schools in the Colorado Community College System to offer courses face-to-face on all campuses. Full implementation of the program is scheduled for fall 2013. Statewide registration for online courses will begin November 1 for spring semester courses starting in January.  LCC instructors will facilitate these courses.

Area high schools are participating in the pilot program as well. Any high school in Lamar Community College’s primary service area can receive a site license if it has at least 25 students interested in taking concurrent enrollment IT courses. For schools with fewer students, enrollment is available through an online option.  Both alternatives are available to area high schools now. While McClave High School has an on-site license with over thirty students enrolled in the program, Granada High School is participating online. The program will begin a statewide rollout during the spring semester. High schools will work with their corresponding community colleges to register students for courses through the IT Academy Center for Excellence at Lamar Community College.

This spring, courses will include Microsoft Office Suite selections such as Power Point, Word, Access, and Publisher. Additional courses will feature web development, programming, and project management. Classes will be offered with face-to-face, hybrids, and online instructional options. Courses are scheduled for evenings, Saturday mornings, and over the lunch hour to give everyone an opportunity to learn.

Business & Industry training is a key component of the Center for Excellence. Our first Business & Industry training event is scheduled for November 12-15. Jason Spano will cover Microsoft Excel in a non-credit forum with classes running from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. each evening. Enrollees will have access to the Microsoft curriculum for the following 150 days, allowing students to review the covered material. Please contact me at 336.1582 for more information or to register for the course. Online business training is also available with flexible start dates for non-credit offerings. In addition to courses within the Microsoft Office Suite, training is available in network security, database administration, server configuration and web design, among many other topics. The college can schedule face-to-face trainings for groups of ten or more.

IT Academy courses provide opportunities for students to gain hi-tech skills and knowledge needed in today’s technology-based world. The ability to take the Microsoft certification exams while earning high school or college credit is a significant advantage of Microsoft training through the Center for Excellence is. With a passing exam score, individuals increase their employability. Microsoft technology is needed for a variety of positions including administrative assistants, accountants, computer software engineers, computer technicians and web developers.

Many LCC certificates and degrees will utilize the web-based curricula. The Business, Microcomputer Applications, Computer Technician and Desktop Publishing certificates include courses from the IT Academy. LCC Associate of Applied Science (AAS) computer degrees: Computer Information System, Business Software Applications and Integrated Business/ Information Technology Solutions use components of the IT Academy course ware. Additionally, the Business and Executive Administrative Assistant AAS degrees also contain content from Microsoft through the IT Academy Center for Excellence. These programs are enriched by expert instructors and the solid course content. Greg Andrade, Don Yoxsimer, Kevin Forney, Vince Yoder and Jason Spano bring a wealth of experience to developing the program. Greg returned to Lamar after many years with Anheuser-Busch as an IT Category Space Manager. He was involved in analytics, CRM, Beta testing, web development, and decision modeling.  Don, our local entrepreneurial specialist, has a background in educational technology, business applications and desktop publishing. Kevin recently moved back to Lamar after working at Raytheon and Ball Aerospace primarily in project management and cost and scheduling integration. Vince and Jason are both adjunct IT faculty. Vince is currently employed by TC Software and has 28 years of experience in both software and hardware systems.  Jason is the IT Director for Prowers Medical Center. Adjunct instructor Susan Carpenter and I are also teaching courses utilizing the content.

Learn more about the IT Academy Center for Excellence and its offerings by contacting me at 719.336.1582 or via email at

Our college is committed to providing the highest quality education in an environment of service excellence.  The IT Academy Center for Excellence is another illustration of our dedication to our students and communities.

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LCC Foundation Builds Second Horse Shelter

LCC Rodeo was able to build a second open-faced horse shelter with a generous donation from an anonymous donor. The contribution was made through the LCC Foundation.  For more information regarding the Foundation or to make an online gift, see or contact the Foundation at 719.336.1520 or

Lamar Community College Foundation Director Anne-Marie Crampton, LCC Rodeo Club President Mary Ferrero, and Rodeo Coach Fred Sherwood.



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