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February, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 2, – LCC Pilots New Brain Fitness Program

Araceli Turner

Imagine this fictional scenario:

 MH900427785Paul has been attending classes at the local community college for several semesters.  Throughout his time at the college, he has been struggling with the increased rigor of higher education.  This is nothing new to Paul; he has always struggled in school, despite his dedication and efforts.  He has a particularly difficult time focusing during lectures and comprehending the material he is assigned to read. He has become discouraged and is talking about dropping out to join the workforce, knowing that his chances to earn a good living without an education will be limited.

Unfortunately, this scenario is pretty common in many community colleges and academic settings.  Enter some new hope from the field of neuroscience about the brain, in particular a product touted as a brain fitness regime called Fast ForWord (FFW).

New research by neuroscientists (scientists who study the brain, in particular the connections made from networks of neurons) shows that the brain’s functions and processes are not rigid, as it was once believed, but rather “plastic” or malleable.  New connections can be made or re-wired even through old age.  The FFW computer program is based on that new research, and FFW users can expect lasting changes in these executive brain functions:  Memory, Attention, Processing and Sequencing (MAPS).  These functions are particularly important in academic settings where students are expected to read, understand, retain and reproduce information in several content areas simultaneously.

After some extensive research and collaboration by Lamar Community College’s literacy advisory board, we are excited to announce a pilot, or trial run, of the FFW program on our campus. Several students of various ages and backgrounds are being placed in the FFW brain fitness program to improve their reading, language, memory and attention skills. LCC hopes to use the data gathered from the pilot program to begin full implementation of FFW in the form of an unlimited student site license by next fall or spring.

LCC purchased FFW from Scientific Learning not only to help students, but with the hope of making it available to area school districts and to the community in the future as a partnership. Also, a partnership would provide a model by which LCC, the Prowers County community and area schools could help make implementation of other innovative programs like FFW less costly and ensure sustainability.

To view inspiring testimonials about the Fast ForWord program, check out .

For more information about the program or to schedule a demonstration, contact Curtis Turner at (719) 336-1519, or email


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