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28 Students Awarded $17,908.00 in TRiO

 Kett V. Winsor, M.A., Director, Learning Support Services/TRiO Program /GED Testing Trio Logo

The following well deserving TRiO students received the spring 2013 TRiO grants in the beginning of February 2013.  Each award student was identified based on their acceptable academic performance, participation in TRiO events, PELL eligibility and the amount of unmet need based on their 2012-2013 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


The standard award for this academic year was $600.00 that is meant to supplement the financial aid award package.  Kett Winsor, Director of the Learning Support Services and TRiO, exclaimed that it was a total team effort to identify the best candidates to receive these highly prestigious grants which are designed to assist first-generation and limited income students to overcome obstacles that impede their education goals and dreams.  Winsor also related that these TRiO grants go a long way to limit student reliance on student loans that can create hardships at a later date.  The following 28 students received the 2013 TRiO grant; Jessica Bubee, Jack Cardella, Terrance Chatto, Sammy Davis Jr., Alisha Dawson, Lauren Esquivel, Shane Fessel, Laura Gonzales, Robert Harrison, Tanisha Hernandez, Robert Iguado, Mark Kinney, Kaylene Landry, Maria Medrano, Felisha Madrid, David Martinez, Jolene Martinez, Veronica Martinez, Mohannad Musleh, Raheem Newton, Danielle Parker, Larry Perez, Orlando Ramos, Bryanna Rosales, Salina Rowland, Jeremy Smithy, Amber Talcott, James Sorrell Jr. The award recipients and their families were honored with a celebration dinner on the evening of February 11, 2013 in the Buchanan Events Room.

The purpose of Lamar CC’s TRiO program is to assist students with basic college requirements, provide opportunities for academic development, and encourage students towards successful completion of their postsecondary education.  The goals are to increase college persistance, good academic standing, retention and graduation and to facilitate the process of transfer from one level of higher education to the next.  This is accomplished by providing services such as financial literacy, academic workshops, personal and career counseling, study skills, mentoring, and tutoring.  For further information about TRiO or other academic support services please contact Kett Winsor at 336-1537 or any other TRiO advisor in the Bowman Building.


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