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When Is It Time to Ask for Help?

Robert Vazquez, Tutor Coordinator

MH900289072Hello! My name is Robert Vazquez, and I am the tutor coordinator at Lamar Community College. On behalf of the Learning Support Services – Tutoring Center I would like to welcome you back to the 2013 spring semester. The start of the new semester is always an exciting time, but it also brings a number of challenges such as: childcare, work schedules, financial issues and transportation. For this article I wanted to focus on what makes a college student successful and what interventions a student must seek in order to get a head start in their education. There are a number of strategies that have proven effective, I am going to provide you with a list of tactics that can help you become a more successful student at Lamar Community College.

* Do not procrastinate! Do not procrastinate! Do not procrastinate!

Find a place where you can focus on your studies, free of distractions (turn off cell phone and eliminate access to your social media: Facebook)

*Visit with your academic advisor about any challenges which you may be experienc-ing or talk to the resource counselor regarding other personal issues that may be affecting your ability to learn.

*Talk to your instructor on a weekly basis, they hold the answers to many of your questions and can provide a clear picture of your academic standing. This will help eliminate any misconceptions you may have about your academic performance.

*Get help early in the semester , don’t wait until the last minute. Many students do not know that Lamar Community College offers free tutoring. Visit the Tutoring Center for assistance with writing, math skills, statistics, accounting, business and Microsoft Office tools.

If anything, I encourage you to contact me, Robert Vazquez –Tutor Coordinator, in Bow-man Building room #122 and I will assist you in developing a plan of action that will serve as a blueprint for attaining your educational goals.

Don’t make the mistake of letting your ego get in the way of seeking assistance and get-ting the help that you need, this is the number one mistake students make in college. In-tervention needs to take place at an early stage of your academic career. I encourage you to get a head start in your academic studies by taking advantage of all the services avail-able at LCC. Finally keep your goals in sight, remember what your ultimate goal is and why you have made the decision to come to college.


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