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The Musings Of An Old Man – April 2013

Or What I Wished I Had Known When I Was Younger

By John Spano, RET Instructor



In my travels around the Lamar Community College campus I have visited with many students, the one question (which you may note is asked in the plural) that I always ask them is, “What are your courses of study?” The answers that I often hear are, “Oh I’m not sure yet, or I’m in nursing, I’m a biology major, I’m studying to be a cosmetologist etc…” A few folks I have spoken to have indicated that they have a major in mind and are pursuing other studies as well. Bravo for those of you who do this,  by planning this way you are helping yourself prepare for the big picture.

 “What are your courses of study?”

I well remember my days as a student in college. Those days helped lead me through a life I have greatly enjoyed. One of my first professors told me something I will never forget, he said, “Learn as much as you can about as many fields as you can as the stuff you learn today will be invaluable to you sometime in your life.” Over the course of years I have come realize how true those words are. So I took his advice. Along with my engineering and math studies I also enrolled in some classes in the medical arena, and most importantly, several in what is referred to as the energy field.

Through my energy courses I began to understand the basic fundamentals of energy, how it is used in our world, and more importantly, how it affects my wallet. I took courses in wind, solar, natural fuels, and supplied energies (electricity, natural gas and oils). One of the best courses I enrolled in was on energy auditing. With the tools I learned from this course I was able to understand why my heating, lighting, and car fuel bills were so high and what I could do to lower them. These classes helped me understand the importance of alternative fuels, giving me the ability to make changes,  save money, and not have to pay someone else to do it for me. The knowledge I learned has saved, and made, me a bunch of money. If I didn’t tell you already I like money, a lot.

 “I believe Renewable Energy Technology has something valuable for everyone.”

So what’s all this about? At LCC we are offering a great course of study in the energy field with knowledgeable instructors. In today’s world the energy frontier is one of the most promising for future employment in its many different categories. So if you are looking for a field and want to make big bucks or you just want to learn enough to save you some big bucks stop in and talk to us about LCC’s energy program. I believe Renewable Energy Technology has something valuable for everyone. Courses in Renewable Energy Technologies will be offered this summer, fall, and spring.


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