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May 2013 – Lamar Community College 74th Commencement Celebrations

Kristy Trowbridge, Title III Administrative Assistant

With another commencement come and gone, Lamar Community College not only celebrated the graduation of 255 students, but also celebrated 75 years as Southeast Colorado’s community oriented college. Last weekend was an intense and busy time as many celebrations and events took place to celebrate this momentous occasion.

April 26th the annual Antelope Night event was held honoring students who had gone above and beyond what was required of them. Many of the student’s families turned out to this event to congratulate and support their student, as well as many faculty members and staff who attended to show their support.  Guests were entertained by an acappella group, 17th Avenue All-Stars, who sang many familiar songs throughout the evening. The buffet was catered by LCC’s very own Sodexho. Antelope Night was a huge success!

Saturday, bright and early, the 74th commencement took place with students and parents in anticipation for the day. Donning yellow and blue robes student’s entered behind Nancy Winsor, who was awarded Faculty of the Year.  President John Marrin gave the welcome speech and one of the band members from the 17th Avenue All-Stars sang the National Anthem.

John Salazar, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture and elected official into the United States House of Representatives in 2004, gave the Commencement Address. During his speech, Salazar mentioned his entertaining encounter with former President George W. Bush, giving us an insight of the former President. His speech really centered upon his life in southeastern Colorado and how it shaped his career.

It was Vice President of Academic & Student Services, Cheryl Sanchez, who presented the degrees and certificates with President John Marrin closing. A huge thank you goes out to Amber Thompson, who did a wonderful job in creating this commencement along with the Commencement Committee. A thank you also goes out to all those who volunteered to help prepare for this huge event.

Following the commencement, the 75th Anniversary Committee held a luncheon with guest speaker and former history instructor, Judy Arnold. Arnold gave a wonderful speech on the history of LCC; during the speech the crowd hung on her every word. It was also a time to honor the LCC Alumna of the Year, Marsha Willhite, whose nontraditional route in education was shaped by her education at Lamar Community College. Willhite gave a wonderful speech and was able to thank her children and husband for their support during those years. The 75th Anniversary Committee did a wonderful job in preparing for this luncheon and they all deserve a huge thank you. The members of the committee are as follows: President John Marrin, Vice President Cheryl Sanchez, Grant Director Gwen Krum, Marketing Director Jenna Randle, Director of Institutional Advancement Anne-Marie Crampton, Administrative  Assistant for the President Paula Dieterle, and community members Pat Palmer, Jo Dorenkamp.

The last celebration held was the Nursing Pinning Ceremony which drew a large crowd in support of the graduating nurses.  The Nursing program not only celebrated the completion of their training for the 2nd years but the 1st year nurses preparing for another year. Guest speaker Dee Lyons-Gomez nursing student alumni gave a speech on the history of the nursing program and her time at LCC’s nursing program.

Also, giving a wonderful and heartfelt speech was nursing graduate Spencer Nee who told stories of his time at LCC and thank many of those who had supported him throughout. Nursing Director Sandy Summers will be leaving LCC after 20 years was recognized for all she had done for the program.

A highlight of the ceremony was the pinning of the class. Each student had a special person pin them whether it was a loved one or a Faculty member. As the ceremony drew to a close, nursing lamps were lit symbolizing the transfer of knowledge from the nursing faculty to the nursing students as the Nurse’s Pledge was read.

Last weekend’s events were a huge success and the and there are many LCC faculty, staff, and community members who worked hard to make this a successful commencement. LCC looks forward to another year and will continue to support their students in achieving their goals and degrees.


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