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May 2013 – Title III Spring 2013 Courses

Kristy Trowbridge, Title III Administrative Assistant

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpring 2013 saw the successful launch of six new classes for the Title III program: Survey of Electronics, Fundamentals of DC/AC, Welding Safety, and Piping Skills.  Arc Welding, Construction Energy Standards were being offered for the second time and had undergone revision. These new courses were introduced into the Lamar Community College curriculum in the hopes of strengthening the current Construction Technology Management A.A.S. and Renewable Energy Technologies A.A.S.

As is always the case with building new courses, there were many details to be laid out and completed. The entire Title III staff worked hard in creating these courses that would be beneficial to the students and the college itself. Finding the right literature, class room or lab (in some cases), and hiring the needed instructor took months of planning. In fact, since the courses are still in their first phase, the planning and developing will continue throughout the rest of the year.

Title III was able to welcome a new instructor, Lou Torrez, who taught the Survey of Electronics and the Fundamental of SC/AC courses during the evening. Lou Torrez, an employee for Lamar Light and Power, balanced his full-time job with  the responsibility of teaching this class. Torrez has many years of experience and his insider’s knowledge gives him the ability to relate the course material to students in a way that is practical and easy to understand.

Returning Title III instructors included Doug Cash and John Spano. Cash continued teaching the welding courses and took on the Piping Skills course. He was able to utilize the new Welding OSimulator and even created a Welding Safety text book for his Welding Safety course. The number of students enrolled in the welding degree shows a need and a desire for this type of technical certificate.

Spano taught the Construction Energy Standards course. By creating an atmosphere of discussion and visual demonstrations, he was able to help the students better understand the intense material that was covered for those courses. With Renewable Energy being one of the fastest growing careers, the importance of bringing these courses into the LCC system is vital.

With the closing of the spring semester, Title III launched another course for this summer called ENY 255 Domestic Hot Water System. John Spano will be bringing in new course material and is planning a hands-on project for the students. This project will be built in the Crafter’s Studio, which was provided for by the Title III Grant. The course, which began April the 30th, will continue to meet three times a week; Monday, Tuesday, and Friday (9AM-12PM).  In the meantime, Title III will continue to stay busy this summer making preparations for new courses arriving in the fall.

For those of you who might be interested in any of these courses please contact Kevin Forney at 719.336.6640 / or Curtis Turner at 719.336.1519 /


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