The Pronghorn Pronk

Moving forward by leaps and bounds….

August 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7 – Page 2


Jenna Randle, Marketing Director

Lamar Community College is launching an Online Pilot Program this fall.  A $1000.00 scholarship is available to those who enroll in the program and meet all of the requirements. The program is designed for students who like the flexibility of online courses and are seeking to complete a college degree or certificate.  LCC representatives understand that many of our students have other obligations that make attending class on-campus difficult. read more…



Windows being replaced for both Bowman and Trustees buildings.



Sheila Dieterle, Campus Bookstore Manager

BTCome Check out the LCC campus bookstore this fall semester. “The Lope Shoppe” will begin fall semester with numerous sales and promotional items to welcome back students.  The bookstore management will start the semester with a dedication bulletin board to honor Soccer and our new Volleyball coach and his volleyball team.

During fall orientation, the bookstore will be offering a special on imprinted lanyards. There will be a drawing that students can enter by submitting a wish list entry form. (available in the bookstore).  The prize will be awarded the day of orientation and must be picked up within two days following the drawing. read more…



The LCC campus Store “The Lope Shoppe” would like some ideas on naming our rental program.  Interested persons can submit ideas to or  Final day for submission is August 1st, 2013.  Have fun with it. 

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