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LCC Bookstore Ready For The Fall Semester

Sheila Dieterle, Campus Bookstore Manager

ShirtCome Check out the LCC campus bookstore this fall semester. “The Lope Shoppe” will begin fall semester with numerous sales and promotional items to welcome back students.  The bookstore management will start the semester with a dedication bulletin board to honor Soccer and our new Volleyball coach and his volleyball team.

During fall orientation, the bookstore will be offering a special on imprinted lanyards. There will be a drawing that students can enter by submitting a wish list entry form. (available in the bookstore).  The prize will be awarded the day of orientation and must be picked up within two days following the drawing.

Also starting this fall is a promotional program, called “LCC’s Star of the month” program.  This program will honor one employee and one student each month.  (Selections will be random)  The bookstore management will accept nominations, by written form only from faculty and students. The forms can be picked up from management. If you know an individual whom you feel is deserving of this award, please stop in and pick up a form this fall.  Pictures/Bios will be posted in the Pronghorn Pronk and in the bookstore.

In October the bookstore manager will initiate “Customer Appreciation Days” (watch for dates).  Each day will have a theme for example “Dollar Day”/Spirit Day. Please do not confuse this with “Student Appreciation Day”. 

Soon a “new” Employee survey will be available on our bookstore homepage under   We would really appreciate if our LCC staff would take a few minutes to complete our bookstore survey.

Did you know “The Lope Shoppe” rents selected textbooks for on campus classes?  Are you aware that the LCC Campus store will help you with textbooks for CCC Online courses?

The bookstore also has apparel, drink and coffee cards. Ask about these ongoing promotions while shopping at the campus store.


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