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LCC’s Title III RET Program

Kristy Trowbridge, Title III Administrative Assistant

Lamar Community College’s commitment to student success means each course is designed to ensure students receive the best training in their field of choice. A student’s two years with LCC are vital, and the education they receive is the foundation to the career they are building.  Title III’s role in creating program courses is to provide students with the ability to find employment after graduation.

Our Renewable Energy Technology program, or RET, is the last program that Title III will pilot for Lamar Community College. The need for an Associate of Applied Science degree in RET and the knowledge to conduct an energy audit has been proven by the success of Colorado’s involvement in Renewable Energy. Colorado currently ranks eighth in the nation for the number of solar power systems that are used throughout the state. Employment opportunities continue to grow as trained and qualified workers are in high demand. LCC is here to give its students the opportunity to take advantage of this growing job market.

Last fall, LCC piloted three new RET courses: Introduction to Energy Technology (ENY 101), Building Energy Audit Technology (ENY 102), and Introduction to Wind Energy (WTG 100). These courses gave students the basic knowledge needed to understand renewable energy. Students were given an overview with background information on the construction of wind turbines and power grids, and the economic impacts of wind generation.  Students also learned about the much needed principles of performing an energy audit, which is the ability to recommend appropriate energy saving treatments such as insulation and appliances, in ENY 102.

During the spring of 2013 LCC introduced: Survey of Electronics (ELT 101), Fundamentals of DC/AC (ELT 106): and 30 Hours Construction Energy Standards (OSH 126).  Both Survey of Electronics and Fundamentals of DC/AC covered circuit construction and basic DC and AC circuits. Lou Torrez (Lamar, CO) was the instructor for both courses. Torrez, who is an employee for Lamar Light and Power, has years of experience in the field. His insider’s knowledge of the industry gives him the ability to relate the course material to students in a way that is practical and easy to understand.

For these courses state of the art equipment was purchased through Title III funds, including an 85-MT5 Electric Motor Control Learning System. This system gives students hands on experience in how to operate and install AC electric motor control circuits. The 96-ELF1 Electrical Fabrication 1 Learning System, also purchased through Title III funds, gives students the opportunity to learn basic wiring and installation. Staying up to date in the latest equipment gives our students the cutting edge in this ever changing field.

One more course offered in the Spring semester was the OSH 126. Upon completion of this course, students receive a certificate from the United States Department of Labor of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This certificate gives students a stronger chance of landing a job in the renewable energy field. This summer, LCC offered Domestic Hot Water System (ENY 225).  This class was taught by John Spano, who is a returning Title III instructor. Spano engaged the students with a hands-on project by building an operational solar panel which will be used for supplemental heating or hot water. Students also practiced the applications of thermal energy. The solar panel is an ongoing project; future students will continue building more solar panels.

As we prepare for the 2013 Fall Semester, LCC’s Title III program continues to grow by providing students with an opportunity in the Renewable Energy field. Returning courses  ENY 101, ENY 102, and WTG 100 will welcome new students into the RET program. New RET courses for returning students include Solar Thermal System Install (ENT 120) and Power and Control Systems (WTG 110). ENY 120 focuses on solar thermal panels, including installation, while WTG 110 gives an overview of wind turbine systems, focusing on power distribution and system controls.

A commitment to success means that Title III will continue to look for ways to give LCC’s students every possible tool to succeed in finding employment in the Renewable Energy field. Our graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of solar systems, electrical power generation, and energy storage. Graduates with this knowledge will be able to find employment in not only solar and wind energy, but in the electrical, plumbing, and construction fields.  Success for students does not simply mean they take these courses, but that these courses give them the tools to find employment after graduation.

There is still time to register for Fall courses. For more information on the program, or to apply for admission contact Kevin Forney at 719.336.6640 ( or Curtis Turner at 719.336.1519 (


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