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PHI THETA KAPPA – August 2013


Samantha Jenkins, LCC Student, Contributer to the Pronghorn Pronk

With fall semester there’s a lot of coming and going as students and faculty struggle to get everything in order. From new classes to school supplies, and not to mention trying to find said classes, all members of LCC are definitely busy. Being busy has not slowed down the school’s honor society; Phi Theta Kappa. PTK is for students who work hard to accomplish an outstanding GPA of 3.5 while attending to their everyday activities and duties. In fact, PTK’s mission states that it recognizes and encourages the academic achievement of two year college students, and provides individual opportunity for growth development through honors, leadership, service, and fellowship. It goes without saying these students know that hard work is crucial to being a great student.

Our chapter for LCC, Beta Eta Gamma, has started with full force assigning positions such as the President (Shealynn McCracken), Vice President (Clint Buringa), Secretary (Monica Gaitonde), and Historian (Samantha Jenkins). On top of this they have started their new project in helping with campus tours. This new program is pretty cool. It lets potential students go online to set up their own personal tour! These tours should be in full swing by the end of September and include personal itineraries, tours, activities, lunch, and the option to sit in on classes that are offered. Potential students will be able to talk with those who are in the same degree choices or those who they will be in contact with like coaches. How does Phi Theta Kappa fit in? They will be the ones assisting in the personal tour!

Phi Theta Kappa has also begun to discuss induction which will change up a bit as well as it will be scheduled closer to November instead of around October to give those invited the chance to decide on becoming a member and come up with the entry fee of $70.00 and then a semester fee of $10.00 for each semester after. These fees are completely worth it because the students who are in PTK also get a lot of scholarship opportunities they wouldn’t get if they were not members. The chapter has two advisors who help the students achieve excellence in every way possible; Kelly Emick, and Dr. David Frankel.

One of the items for the next meeting is discussing the chapter’s star recognition which they will be striving for four stars this year. The Five Star Chapter Development is meant to challenge chapters to be the best they can be and to be involved in not only their campus, but their community and nation as well. It is unknown what the project will be just yet, but we can expect an amazing project to come from this chapter because they work hard and want to do the best they can, which explains the high GPA’s! Kelly Emick has also volunteered to answer questions from those students who wish to become a member, or those who want to learn more. Her number is 719-336-1532. Watch for more news on Phi Theta Kappa’s progress as the year goes on!


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