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September 2013, Volume 3, Issue 8 – Page 1


John Marrin, President

Picture6Student Success Goal:  The demands of Colorado businesses and communities shall be met through the development of a high skilled work force.

Lamar Community College was visible again this year at the 2013 Lamar Sand & Sage Fair.  It was a great opportunity for LCC to be involved in the community as well as help make the fair a success.  Many LCC staff and students helped serve hamburgers and hotdogs for Family Night at the Sand & Sage Rodeo. read more…



Kristy Trowbridge, Title III Administrative Assistant

MH900387036The fall semester for Lamar Community College has begun, and Title III has introduced four new courses to the Renewable Energy Program: CAR 123 Roof Framing, CAR 125 Roofing Materials and Methods, ENY 120 Solar Thermal System Install, and WTG 110 Power and Control Systems. Not only are we introducing these new courses, but new instructors who are bringing innovated projects and course materials to our program.

Title III would like to welcome Luke Richard and Jesse Stapleton to Lamar Community College. Luke Richards will be teaching Roof Framing and Roofing Materials & Methods. Jesse Stapleton will be teaching Control Systems and Intro to Wind Energy and Power. Both bring firsthand knowledge about renewable energy careers

One new project that the CAR students will be participating in is constructing a new pavilion for the City of Lamar’s baseball fields. This will not only help give our students hands on project, but it also provides Lamar Community College a way to give back to the city. Included in the project will be the ENY course Intro to Energy Tech and Building Energy Audit Tech. Thermal System Install students  will be designing a solar light for the pavilion.

The pavilion project will continue until   there are four such pavilions surrounding the baseball field. The need for this type of hands on project is important. Although in class discussions are important, Renewable Energy careers require future employees to be able to perform such projects.

Title III also welcomes back instructor Doug Cash and John Spano. Doug Cash will continue instructing our welding courses, and John Spano returns to the ENY courses. The Title III department is busy ordering supplies, working with the enrolled students, and preparing for the spring semester. We are excited at the progress of our courses and are looking forward to the future.




Jenna Randle, Marketing Director

The website redesign was initiated in an effort to give the site a fresh new look that is easy to navigate and depicts the atmosphere of LCC. The site plays to the colors of LCC with its new layout and updated photos. The new site is mobile and tablet friendly allowing students and staff to use the site with ease on their own devices.

LCC’s 75th anniversary logo takes precedence on the site as the college continues to celebrate the anniversary in honor of the 75th commencement ceremony that will take place during the spring of 2014.

Visit LCC’s website today at

For more information on the new site please contact Jenna Randle at 719.336.1518 or


Jenna Randle, Marketing Director

Lamar Community College and Otero Junior College are partnering to provide services to Southeastern Colorado’s businesses, farms and ranches.  OJC will be expanding its Agri-Business Management program into LCC’s service area, while LCC will take on the Small Business Management program in OJC’s service area. Providing services on a regional level allows for
pooling of resources to meet the needs of more students.  read more…

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