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My Story

Samantha Jenkins, LCC Student, Contributer to the Pronghorn Pronk

Picture6When I started at Lamar Community College I was 22 years old and had just had my second child; a baby girl. I have always loved school but after getting married I just didn’t think much about it with my new life and my first born; a boy. I knew I wanted to start college, but I wasn’t sure where to turn because I live in Campo, which is 70 miles away from Lamar. Of course I went to the big online colleges first and signed up with University of Phoenix. I never was very happy there it just didn’t seem like a real college experience and even with my circumstances I wanted that college experience. After a “semester” which was a five week starter class I decided I wanted to search for something else. That’s when LamarCommunity College came to mind.

When I first called LCC I was sure they would tell me they did not have an online program for psychology, but they did. Once accepted my thoughts were I could take the classes, but that’s as far as it goes. I thought I had become too busy to really go after my dreams. I quickly found out LCC allows all their students to come on campus and do all the “normal” college student things like go to the bookstore, the activity center, athletic games, library, everything! I was even more exited that I could make the choices to have whichever book style I wanted. I know it seems simple, but I want that hard book sometimes and other online colleges don’t allow that option. I could also take as many classes as I wanted, or as few instead of just one class at a time.

In my second semester I was extremely surprised to find my invitation for Phi Theta Kappa, and I remember actually e-mailing the advisors saying this has to be a mistake I’m an online student, but thank you. They quickly told me it wasn’t a mistake and I could be involved in the chapter if I wanted! Ever since then I have grown because of LCC and Phi Theta Kappa. I also wasn’t sure the school had a paper, but I searched for it and asked around, and now here I am! I know that I can do anything I set my mind to and everyone at the school has always done as much as they could to help me in even my most difficult situations. Living far away makes attending college harder than it would have been. I can’t be at every meeting for Phi Theta Kappa and I can’t just go to the library but I try as often as I can because it’s a great experience. The school has helped me find ways to do everything at a distance when I thought it wasn’t possible. It is a little extra work but completely worth it. I’ll be graduating this year and in a way I’m sad to leave because I don’t want my next college to be any less than LCC has been for me. I would recommend LCC to anyone who could attend because they will help them achieve their goals in every way they can.


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