The Pronghorn Pronk

Moving forward by leaps and bounds….

November 2013, Volume 3, Issue 10 – Page 1

John Marrin, President

Picture6Student Success Goal:  The demands of Colorado businesses and communities shall be met through the development of a high skilled work force.

The Lamar Community College Runnin’ Lopes Booster Club announced the second annual Adopt-an-Athlete program.  This exciting program gives Booster Club and community members the opportunity to show support for LCC athletes and become more involved in Runnin’ Lopes athletics.  Families and individuals may adopt specific athletes or request that players be assigned to them.  LCC student-athletes come to Lamar from all parts of the U.S. and the world.  Many of them are away from home for the first time.  Having a host family in the Lamar area makes their years in Lamar more welcoming and assists with a successful transition to college. read more…



Kristy Trowbridge, Title III Administrative Assistant

k7935141Construction has been intense as Title III, along with CHAMP and LCC Foundation, have been working intensely on constructing the new Welding Studio, which will be located in the Crafter’s Studio. With the growth of the welding program and an increase in the welding job market, Lamar Community College is helping meet the needs of the community. By constructing a workable welding space, students can train on up to date welding equipment which will help them obtain future employment.

The first week of November is set as the tentative opening for the new studio. Title III purchased eight new welding booths with state of the art ventilation. Title III was also able to help widen the space of The Crafter’s Studio to allow additional equipment to be stored.  The RET (Renewable Energy) classes will also uses the space and equipment in their courses

Within the space, new electrical wiring and metal walls bring the building up to code. Creating a safe teaching environment to contain the large welding equipment was a top priority throughout the project. This new space will be a major milestone for Title III and will  benefit our students enrolled in our pilot courses.

Below are recent photos of our Wind & Energy students working on a solar panal.

Photos By John Spano



Jenna Randle, Marketing Director

Lamar Community College Hosts Explore LCC

(Lamar, Colorado; October 8, 2013) On Friday, October 4, Lamar Community College hosted its first ever Explore LCC. The event was designed for prospective students who had a desire to visit campus and explore the educational opportunities and student support services that are available at LCC. read more…

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